Primus Capital Announces Major Growth Investment in Ambition

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Oct. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Ambition, the leader in sales coaching and gamification, today announced it is partnering with Primus Capital on a significant growth financing. Ambition has doubled its client base of Fortune 500 organizations over the last year, driven by the challenges of managing fully remote sales teams.

At the intersection of employee engagement and sales enablement software, Ambition is uniquely positioned to maximize the visibility, insights and collaboration across entire revenue teams.

“We decided to raise funds because the pain and challenge customers are facing is so acute,” said Brian Trautschold, COO and co-founder of Ambition. “Sales managers and revenue leaders are in a very tough position with remote work, and a myriad of point solutions have created more disengagement and noise than ever. Sales managers don’t want to be analysts––they want to coach their reps to succeed.”

This investment will catalyze Ambition’s ongoing growth initiatives and further its goals to gamify sales and better recognize reps in a hybrid workplace.

“The Sales Performance Management space is largely comprised of software that turns commission plans into dashboards. While useful, this reactive approach does not align with the fast-paced environment where revenue leaders must turn insights into actions in real-time,” said Travis Truett, CEO and co-founder of Ambition. “This is the problem Ambition is solving. We’re thrilled to advance our mission to help salespeople achieve their goals in a work-from-anywhere world and honored to have the backing of our new investors.”

Ambition courts enterprise companies with large sales teams, in addition to high-velocity sales and demand generation teams. Customer Success and Customer Support teams also increasingly use the platform to maximize revenue and provide excellent customer experience coaching.

“Since its inception, Ambition has embodied the ‘constraints breeds creativity’ mantra, running lean as the market matured and customers recognized the value in measuring more than just quota attainment,” said Truett. “The pandemic expedited this process at a rapid pace as remote work and employee apathy disrupted sales teams across the world.”

“I can’t imagine running a remote sales team without Ambition. It’s one of the most effective ways to understand how our salespeople are performing and what kind of activity is happening,” said Craig Fuller, CEO of Freightwaves, an Ambition customer since before the pandemic. “It provides gamification of those activities so our salespeople have fun. It is also a great monitoring tool that our management team can use for effectiveness and driving the sales culture.”

Phil Molner, Managing Partner of Primus stated, “By combining analytics, gamification, and coaching technology solutions in an integrated rep performance management suite, Ambition helps customers maximize the performance of their sales teams, while retaining and motivating their top sales producers [which is critically important in today’s challenging labor market]. We are excited to partner with the founders and management of Ambition as they seek to extend their industry leading position and rapidly scale their business.”

The Series B funding comes on the heels of significant growth for Ambition, hiring 26 new employees in 2021, along with the recent announcement of its integration with Microsoft Teams. The company has employees in 13 states, with a significant headcount in Chattanooga (HQ), Nashville and Atlanta.

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