About Primus

Founded in 1984, Primus is a private equity partnership that is currently investing out of its ninth fund, an $800 million investment vehicle. With offices in Atlanta and Cleveland, Primus is focused on investing in leading healthcare, software, and technology-enabled services companies.  We have invested in over 130 companies, partnering with exceptional management teams to accelerate growth and create shareholder value by applying our industry knowledge, financial resources, and investment experience.

Investment Strategy

We take a flexible investment approach, seeking to create value-added engagements in growth-oriented companies across our three industry sectors. We invest in the healthcare, software/technology and technology-enabled services industries with a specific focus in healthcare IT, healthcare services, financial technology, marketing technology, education technology and human capital management.

As a strategic investment partner, our equity capital can help shareholders and management accomplish any of the following goals:

Achieve liquidity through the sale of your business

Recapitalize your business and provide partial liquidity for shareholders

Provide capital to support a well-defined growth plan

Provide funding to support acquisitions

Investment Criteria

Company SizeEnterprise values up to $250 million
Investment Amount$15 - $70 million; larger with limited partner co-investment
Transaction TypesBuyouts, recapitalizations, expansion financings
IndustriesHealthcare, software/technology, tech-enabled services
Sub-sectorsHealthcare Information Technology, Healthcare Services, Financial Technology, Education Technology, Human Capital Management, Marketing Technology, Infrastructure Technology, Security, Vertical Software
GeographyUnited States and Canada
Hold PeriodTypically 3-7 years

Why Primus?

Trusted Partner

  • Management centric investment strategy. We invest in companies run by experienced managers and engage through our role on the boards of directors.
  • We advance together. We align interests and foster decision making between management and Primus. Through equity ownership, we help ensure meaningful value creation in our companies.
  • Consistent support. Most companies don’t follow a straight path to value creation. We have a history of working constructively with our management teams to address the challenges of growing a business.

Experience in Building Value

  • Experience and industry focus create knowledge. We understand emerging industry trends, competitive threats and acquisition and exit opportunities. We apply this experience and knowledge in working with management to maximize value and achieve liquidity.
  • You run the company. We help you succeed. We make available the resources of our firm and its network of business relationships to management to help grow your company more rapidly and profitably. We assist management teams with strategic analysis, such as extending product or service lines, entering new geographies and evaluating and acquiring complementary businesses.

The Right Deal For You

  • Transaction structure that meets your needs. We take a flexible approach to structuring our investments and can tailor a transaction to meet your specific needs.  We make both minority and control equity investments and use prudent financial leverage to enhance equity returns where appropriate.
  • Access to capital. In addition to our capital under management, we maintain an extensive network of lenders and equity co-investors that provides access to additional capital that may be required to fund your transaction.
  • Speed to close. We have a consistent track record of completing transactions that require timely responses, complicated negotiations and creative approaches