Primus Capital Announces Major Growth Investment in EnableComp, LLC

Cleveland, OH & Atlanta, GA – August 4, 2017 – Primus Capital (Primus), announced that it has made a major growth investment in EnableComp LLC.  EnableComp, based in Franklin, TN, is a healthcare technology enabled services company that partners with healthcare providers to maximize reimbursement from workers’ compensation payers. The investment by Primus will accelerate EnableComp’s existing foothold as the nation’s leading provider of work comp reimbursement solutions and allow it to expand its portfolio of solutions and client reach.

Serving over 600 hospitals across the country, EnableComp facilitates and simplifies the complex world of the workers’ compensation process through its proprietary industry-leading platform, Enforcer.  EnableComp delivers an array of solutions from full day-one outsourcing to collecting on zero balance claims that have been underpaid.  Since 2001, EnableComp has processed more than $10 billion in work comp claims processed for its clients.  The company has experienced significant and rapid growth in its unique revenue cycle management niche.

“We are impressed with the workers’ compensation RCM solutions that EnableComp has brought to the market and its rapidly growing provider client base.  Having a strong management team is critical, and we were familiar with most of the executive team from our previous investment in Passport Health Communications.  We think EnableComp’s Enforcer technology is second-to-none in the RCM arena,” said Phil Molner, Managing Partner of Primus.  Chris Welch, Principal of Primus, added “EnableComp provides tremendous value to its clients by managing the complexity of work comp claims on their behalf.  We look forward to working with the current management team to continue to invest in and grow the business.”

The new funding will allow EnableComp to extend its industry-leading solutions to address emerging challenges in healthcare reimbursement and invest in expanded marketing and sales initiatives.

“We could not have found a better partner than Primus,” said Jim Lackey, current EnableComp Chairman and CEO, who will remain as Chairman.  “Primus was one of our key investors when I was at Passport and I know first-hand the value and experience they will bring to our team.”

“Workers’ Compensation is a small portion of a hospital’s overall reimbursement but, if done correctly, it can be one of its more profitable services,” said David Jones, who will become both President and CEO of EnableComp. “Our partnership with Primus Capital and the investment they are making in the business will benefit our clients and help us execute our planned growth strategies.”

About EnableComp, LLC

With more than 17 years of workers’ compensation claims billing expertise, EnableComp is the trusted source of innovative work comp reimbursement solutions in the healthcare industry. Their robust proprietary technology platform has been populated with state fee schedules, clinical and jurisdictional conditions, and payer behavior data to provide clients with guaranteed cash acceleration and reimbursement accuracy for each claim.  For more information, visit